Old Doors



Bringing the past into the present to cherish in the future.”


Upcycling is the step before recycling – Re-thinking waste and creating practical, useful and beautiful works from it!

Looking for ideas on how to upcycle old doors?

Call it what you will; ‘Green’,upcycling, recycling, environmentally friendly, etc. but long before the current fashion for re-using materials took over, people have always found new uses for old wood. Providing the timber is still of solid construction and free from wood pests it can be chopped and changed to suit the competent DIYer.


Because of their size, doors  are amongst the best sources of wood for upcycling projects and this article looks at the different options for creating new items of furniture from old doors focusing on preparation and finish.



Antonio Bellusci has the perfect DIYs to turn an old door into a decorative and functional piece for your living room!



For more ideas visit: http://www.inspirationgreen.com/recycling-old-doors.html

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